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vol. 2

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your continued service and hard work during this peak triage season. We recognize and greatly appreciate your amazing dedication to provide outstanding patient care!


Night Nurse welcomes the timely triage support of our newest nurses, boldly joining us during the most challenging time of year! Thank You and best success to (in alphabetical order) Joanne DeBaggis, Carol Gillis, Caroline Gwin, Linda Williamson Hodgkins, Kimberly Lima and Norma Ott.

Congratulations to all our nurses and dispatchers celebrating anniversaries with Night Nurse this January! We applaud your dedication to patient care and loyalty to Night Nurse! Please take a bow (in alphabetical order), Jill Bonnette, Melanie Crowe, Ally De Oliveira, Christy Getman, Kelly Landwehr, Jill McDonald, Jeanne Pigage, Stella Price, Lindsey Shreve, Allison Smith, Jennifer Temple, Katrina Thompson and Mildrine Tulysse!


Corona Virus Protocol: The Corona Virus has been in the news as it threatens many areas, now including the U.S. Please stand by for the Night Nurse procedure on how to conduct Corona Virus Screenings on our triage calls. We have created a protocol which is currently under review with our Medical directors.

Please see the proposed Corona Virus Protocol here  and the CDC Corona Virus alert here.


Flu season marches on! As we predicted in the last newsletter, the types of flu viruses are shifting at this stage. Type B/Victoria virus has been the most prevalent this flu season. Based on our historical data, we forecasted that our “old friend” the H1N1 virus would surge back and affect more patients as the season ran on. Now the CDC has confirmed this trend is underway. The most recent FluView report shows that reported Type A(H1N1) cases are now equal to Type B/Victoria instances. We’ll continue to follow the data and keep you updated.

Upcoming Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) implementations in 2020. Last year, NLC legislation was passed in New Jersey and Indiana. When implemented by each state’s Board of Nursing in summer or fall of 2020, our nurses with compact licenses will be able to take calls for these states as well. It will be a particularly welcome relief for nurses currently triaging the high volume of calls from New Jersey patients at this time by increasing our NJ RN coverage pool.


You may not know that Night Nurse already provides triage support to Mt. Sinai hospital in New York City - one of the oldest and largest teaching hospitals in the U.S. This March, we’ll kick off a brand new program with Mt. Sinai’s Community Paramedicine to provide urgent care to patients in dense urban environments. This innovative approach will bring healthcare professionals to patients rather than referring patients to the ER, especially during busy traffic times. More details to come on how we’ll play an important role in this new way of rapidly delivering care while reducing healthcare costs incurred by unnecessary visits to the ER.


Cybersecurity is a growing concern for everyone in both their home and business environments. We are responsible for protecting patient data through HIPAA, and we also want to help protect your personal data such as logins, bank accounts, and any other information saved on your computer.

One way hackers break into your system is by tricking you to click a link that installs a virus. Cybercriminals often send clever emails with links that seem legitimate, but they’re not. Some look like they’re from online shopping sites, such as Amazon or shipping companies like UPS. Hackers can also send emails that appear to be from Night Nurse colleagues, but they’re really from a cyber-thief.

To keep you safe & secure, our resident cybersecurity expert Dan Holladay created an easy way to test questionable emails. If you receive a suspicious email, don’t click the link. Simply forward the email to  We’ll get back to you promptly and let you know if the link is safe or if you’re being targeted by a hacker.


RN Tammylee LeBouef has found the ideal lifestyle. She loves working at Night Nurse because it gives her the freedom to work full-time from home, spend more time with her husband Albert and reclaim her personal time. “I always dreaded my commute, particularly on icy days. Now I can be at home every day. I enjoy mornings and afternoons with Albert, who is retired, then I sign on and work evenings for Night Nurse. All without ever leaving the house!”

The two empty nesters have a daughter, Rebecca, who is currently in college in Ohio. Tammylee’s work-from-home flexibility allows her to spend more time with Rebecca when she’s visiting on school breaks and in the summer.

Speaking of summer, Tammylee and her family are already counting the days to an upcoming beach vacation in Ocean Isle, NC this May. The shore is in driving distance, providing an opportunity to get away, enjoy the ocean and shop - one of Tammylee’s other favorite activities!

When she’s not triaging calls, you can find Tammylee in her garden or composting. She grows a healthy crop of green beans, cucumbers, okra, jalapeno peppers and other vegetables. Another important spot in her backyard is the cat condo – a children’s playhouse converted into a posh residence for Sadie and Macie, her beloved pets. An admitted cat lover, Tammylee loves to spoil her babies.

When it’s too chilly to be outside, Tammylee, Albert, Sadie and Macie cuddle up indoors to take in a great film. “I am a movie buff! See the picture of my husband, Albert, and I at the Packard Museum standing in front of the hearse used in the Godfather movie.” Tammylee is currently into action/drama films and shows such as The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead TV series. “Despite my love for action films, my two favorite movies are quite different: Titanic (the version with Leo DiCaprio) and It's a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart.”

Initially from South Louisiana, Tammylee now resides in Tennessee and has been with the Night Nurse family for nearly three years. She started in March 2017 working part time, and has since gladly moved to full time. She takes calls for practices in multiple states including the 34 states in the NursingLicensureCompact(NLC) through her Tennessee license.

We appreciate Tammylee’s expertise, dedication and hard work! She is another great example of the amazing team at Night Nurse.


Dispatch Supervisor Jill McDonald has a way of smiling through the phone. Her warm, deeply kind personality immediately flows through the line and into your heart. When asked what she likes most about working for Night Nurse, she quickly says “the people! I love everyone I work with, from my colleagues at the call center to the wonderful nurses I talk to.”

Her love for all people and deep desire to help others is a perfect match for her career. Jill has extensive experience supporting the healthcare industry and is deeply dedicated to helping families and children. Although she just celebrated her three-year anniversary with Night Nurse on January 10, her history with our team actually dates back more than a decade. Prior to joining Night Nurse, Jill was with VIP answering service supporting us for 11 years. Prior to that, Jill worked in one of our subscriber’s medical office for many years, receiving our Encounter Reports every morning.

Originally from the seaside town of Plymouth, MA, Jill describes herself as “an ocean girl” and loves being near the water. In her free time, Jill enjoys reading. In particular, she favors Agatha Christie novels and other mystery authors. She loves to get lost in a good story and added, “the movie is never as good as the book.” She would know better than any of us. When she was a child, Jill’s father managed a movie theater where she watched countless films right from the projection booth. The one standout film is Gone with the Wind - “my favorite movie that I’ve seen again and again.”

Jill is an avid learner, constantly seeking to enrich her mind. 

In addition to Jill’s love of books and intellectual pursuits, she also has a guilty pleasure: Reality TV. Her face lights up as she talks about favorites such as The Real Housewives (“ALL of them!”), Little People, Big World and 90 Day Fiancé. Each provides a light break from her serious novels and studies.

Next time you contact the call center be sure to say hello to Jill! We’re so lucky to have this caring, modest, hard-working member in our Night Nurse family!


Tell us about your background and interests! We have so many interesting people on our team and we’d love to learn more about YOU. What do you enjoy most about your career? What is your biggest triage challenge? You can share milestones too; whether joys or sadness. Please share your feedback on this newsletter along with any ideas!


We continue to grow each month and we’re seeking great nurses just like you to join our team. Do you have an RN or APN friend or colleague that may be interested in delivering telephone triage from the comfort of their home? We offer cash incentives for referring nurses to us, so please inquire to get started. More information about our nursing roles can be found here. Please let your manager know if you have a nurse you would like to recommend and we’ll enroll you for the referral bonus and provide the details!


Need help with scheduling, technical support? Having triage related snags? We’re here for you 24/7! Reach out to your nurse manager or directly to us at any time, with suggestions, questions or concerns. 

Thank you again for your unrelenting support to deliver exceptional care to the patients and their families in need during this demanding flu season! Together as a team, we’re making a big difference to save lives in emergencies and providing care advice to so many ill and/or injured patients every day!

With Gratitude and Admiration,

Stu and Tami

Stuart Pologe, COO,

Tami Regan, RN, CHT-CNO,

Night Nurse Inc.

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