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vol. 3

Hello Everyone,

What a team! Thank you all, from RN’s and dispatchers to our office staff and everyone else for your continued dedication and thoughtful patient care during this peak triage season! Here are the latest updates on our team and our industry, and some good news about Thank You bonuses!


Congratulations to all our nurses and dispatchers celebrating anniversaries with Night Nurse in the month of February. We appreciate your loyalty to Night Nurse! Raise your glass to (in alphabetical order), Sandra Ferland, Luanne Nemes, Pamela Wager-McCormick and Susan Wahl.

‍ Speaking of our amazing team, congratulations to Nurse Manager Karen Holland! She was recently highlighted in an article in the NCSBN newsletter. NCSBN is the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, providing education, service and research through collaborative leadership to promote evidence-based regulatory excellence for patient safety and public protection.

In the article, Karen spoke about how Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) laws increase patient access to healthcare while also removing complications for nurses. It allows nurses from the 34 NLC states to serve patients in other NLC states. She noted, “I just hired my first nurse from Kansas because they are now a part of the NLC. I hadn't been able to do that before.”


We’re very happy to report that our annual Thank You bonuses are on the way! If you’ve been with Night Nurse since January 1, 2019, you’re eligible for a bonus. It’s just one way for us to express our appreciation for your hard work and loyalty. Look out for your bonus in addition to this week’s paycheck on February 21st.


Upcoming NLC updates. A bill was recently introduced in Rhode Island to adopt the “Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact,” abbreviated to eNLC. The state currently supports the older version of NLC. Enhanced NLC increases access to care by allowing RNs to have one multi-state license to practice in both their home state and 34 other eNLC states.Due to the wide adoption of eNLC, it is now most often just abbreviated to NLC.


This is Our Year! The World Health Organization (WHO) designated 2020 as the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. The WHO posted "Nurses and midwives are key to the achievement of the WHO's goal of universal health coverage because they play a critical role in health promotion, disease prevention and the delivery of care in all settings." We agree, and we’re so fortunate to have each and every RN and APRN on our team! Stay tuned for a future newsletter when we’ll announce how Night Nurse will observe the Year of the Nurse and Midwife this May.

‍ Celebrating Black History Month. Throughout history, African American nurses have been trailblazers in illuminating the importance of nursing within the healthcare field. Atop the list of notable pioneers is Mary Eliza Mahoney. She was the country’s first licensed African American Nurse, as well as one of the first women registered to vote in Boston immediately after the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920. Born in Dorchester, Massachusetts – not far from our Night Nurse headquarters – Mary studied in the New England Hospital for Women and Children’s graduate nursing program. She was one of the few students to complete this rigorous curriculum and went on to serve patients for the next 40 years while also championing for women’s rights.  In honor of Mary’s tireless efforts and indelible achievements, The Mary Mahoney Award was established in 1936. This award is still given today by the American Nurses Association to recognize those who promote integration in the nursing industry.


Flu Cases Increase. The most recent CDC FluView report shows the percentage of respiratory specimens testing positive for influenza at clinical labs increased from 28.4% to 29.8% in the most recent period.

The coronavirus outbreak continues to be a worldwide public health emergency. This virus had its name changed from (novel coronavirus 19) nCov-19 to COVD-19 (Coronavirus Disease-19). 15 cases have been confirmed in the U.S. as of 2/17 with 60 additional cases pending lab results. Please be sure to ask the coronavirus screening questions of every caller until further notice. Our RNs have elicited some positive coronavirus screens! (RN’S: You know who you are!) In one case, a patient with fever, cough, myalgia AND exposure to an asymptomatic traveler required a Night Nurse RN to consult a state’s Department of Public Health. This resulted in patient transfer by ambulance to the hospital as a person at risk under investigation for coronavirus.  Our RNs play a vital healthcare role! Your vigilance and diligence with screening will help identify patients who are at risk and protect healthcare workers, first responders and people in communities all over the U.S!  Download the Night Nurse Coronavirus Protocol here.

Catherine Brown, an Epidemiologist with the Bureau of Infectious Disease at MA Department of Health recently emailed Tami Regan, Night Nurse’s Director of Nursing Triage Services and noted, “I fully appreciate your proactive approach to this emerging public health concern.” Please consult Tami with any COVD-19 triage questions.

Check Your Check! You Need to Know about these new IRS Regulations!

It’s time to review your paycheck, W4 and deductions! The IRS, in response to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and other legislation, has redesigned Form W-4 and many new regulations are on the way that will apply to this tax year 2020. In particular, the new W-4 calculates taxable income earned from a second job, differently than before. What might these changes mean for you? 

Before you get too far in the year, download and fill out a new IRS Form W-4 today and send to Heather Walsh at Contact your personal tax professional for advice and use the new IRS Tax Withholding Estimatorto help you complete the new W-4. IRS Publication 505 may also be helpful.


‍ Therese Morrice has a clear priority: Family. Whether that’s her husband and children, the families that she treats as an RN, or our Night Nurse family, Therese is always there for everyone.

First is her own family. Therese and her husband, married for 26 years, lovingly devote their attention and support to their four children. Their eldest is Autumn. The 23-year-old is currently balancing a role at a leading marketing firm in Boston while studying for her MBA. Next is 20-year-old son George, currently studying at Sewanee, The University of the South in Tennessee. George is both an economics major and an athlete at the school.

Therese’s next two children are both students at Nipmuc Regional High School. Her daughter Maren, 17, is a junior active in the SGA. She’s currently exploring colleges in the Northeast. The youngest is Christian, a 15-year old freshman and athlete that enjoys football and track.

Therese loves to cook and entertain, hosting many celebrations and holidays at their family home in Mendon, MA. She also enjoys gardening, particularly her perennial flower gardens. Therese and her family also like to travel, including trips to see George’s football games in Tennessee and visiting the quaint small towns across New England and beaches on Cape Cod.

But Therese’s commitment to families extends beyond just her own household. With more than 30 years in nursing, Therese is truly dedicated to helping every child and family she touches. After graduating from Salve Regina University in 1987, she started on the surgical floor in Faulkner Hospital. Her next step was the busy ER at Norwood Hospital where she gained an invaluable amount of experience with both children and adult patients.

Therese has also been a loyal and tireless member of the Night Nurse family since 2005, helping us progress through multiple growth stages. When Therese started nearly 15 years ago, nurses completed all encounter reports by hand and faxed their paper copies to the office. She was with us as we transitioned to our initial computer-based system and then again when we moved to our robust Night Nurse Client.

Therese has also been with us through our geographic growth. When she started, we served practices in just two states – now we’re able to provide triage services in 40 states. Therese was one of our early pioneers in acquiring multiple state licenses to help expand our reach.

Through her hard work and dedication, Therese has also contributed to our success in gaining hundreds of new practices, navigating widespread healthcare challenges such as the H1N1 pandemic of 2009/2010, and earning the trust of healthcare professionals across the industry. We greatly appreciate her contributions throughout the years!

So, why us? How did we gain this superstar nurse? It comes down to family once again. Therese told us “I love working for this family-owned company that combines patient care with technology. Night Nurse allows me to achieve my career goals - helping thousands of patients in the past 15 years – while enabling me to work at home and be the wife and mom I set out to be, supporting my family’s academic and personal pursuits.”


It’s hard to define Heather Walsh’s role here at Night Nurse. To our nurses, she’s the scheduling master that everyone counts on. To Tami and the nurse managers, she’s the one who ensures that we always have the right nurses on at the right time to cover patient needs and seasonal demands. She also dispatches, is often seen troubleshooting IT issues in the data center and frequently serves as Stu’s go-to. She’s woven into every other aspect of the company.

But that all makes sense when you start to learn about Heather’s life outside Night Nurse. More than just versatile, Heather is a multi-talented woman of all seasons.

An avid athlete, Heather enjoys both downhill and cross country skiing in the winter months. Once the snow clears, you can find her on the tennis court, zipping down the river in a competitive single- scull rowing boat, or sitting by a picturesque lake in upstate New York reeling in trout and bass.

Heather does everything with intensity, including eating. She loves ultra-hot and spicy foods and has a growing collection of hot sauces. As a child, she developed a love for ghost peppers and would even put hot sauce on her breakfast cereal.

Then there’s her artistic side. Heather is a classically trained pianist, beginning at just five years old. When at home, she tackles challenging compositions by Debussy, Chopin and Bach. She can also play trumpet and French horn.

Heather is also a devoted mom to her three sons. Michael is a Mass Art illustration major, Declan joined the Marines as an aviation mechanic, and Cormac is pursuing an IT degree at Framingham State University. Finally, there’s Tin Tin, Heather's black lab rescued from a prison program that trains dogs to be service animals.

Though Heather wears many hats at the office, she does have a favorite. “More than anything else, I love interacting with all the nurses. I look forward to each email and call, and nothing makes me happier than meeting their scheduling needs while also taking a few minutes to chat and catch up on their personal lives and families. It’s the best part of my day.”

We’ve been lucky to have Heather in our Night Nurse family since 2007. We’re so happy she has shared her skills and spirit with us for more than 12 years!

Fun Fact: Heather and Tami first met when their sons, Michael and Evan, went to pre-school together!


Tell us YOUR story! We’d love you to step forward and share your background, interests and love of nursing. Please help us get to know you. We also welcome you to share your feedback on this newsletter!


The healthcare industry is the most targeted sector for cyberattacks according to a recent article in ARS Technica. The report shows that attacks are also becoming more sophisticated and severe. These assaults come at a cost to both businesses and individuals.

A recent story in Health IT Security Magazine predicts that these attacks and breaches will cost healthcare organizations an estimated $4 billion by the end of this year. For patients, cyberattacks compromise identity, expose them to fraud and can result in physical harm or death when medical devices are hacked.

Just this week, hackers infiltrated the computers used by doctors affiliated with Children's Hospital Boston’ The Pediatric Physicians' Organization at Children's (PPOC). The attack affected more than 500 physicians and nurses that serve 350,000-plus patients.

We all need to do our part to protect patient data and prevent instances such as the one this week. Fortunately, Night Nurse has its own cybersecurity warrior on staff, Dan Holladay! Dan informs us that hackers can easily infiltrate our systems when we click links that install a viruses. These dangerous links are often found in emails that seem legitimate, but they’re not. Hackers can even send emails that appear to be from Night Nurse colleagues, but they’re really from a nefarious organization.

To keep you safe & secure, Dan established an easy way for us all to test questionable emails. If you receive a suspicious email, don’t click the link. Simply forward the email to Dan will examine it and let you know if the link is safe or if you’re being targeted by a hacker.


We love welcoming new RNs to our team and we’re seeking stellar nurses like you to join our family of expert triagers. Do you know an RN or APN that may be interested in getting off the ER floor or earning some extra cash by helping patients from the comfort of their home? You can earn cash incentives for referring nurses to us, so please inquire to get started.


Please let us know how we can streamline your triage efforts. We have dedicated technical support 24/7, a friendly dispatch team and a whole lineup of other experts behind you every day.

Thank you again for your relentless dedication to answering patient concerns big and small. Your coverage behind the scenes makes a big quality of life difference to all the on-call physicians too!  We appreciate your commitment to deliver exceptional care to patients and families in need during this challenging flu season!  It’s good to know, that as of today, there are only 31 more days left until Spring! 

With Our Best Regards,

Stu and Tami

Stuart Pologe, COO,

Tami Regan, RN, CHT-CNO,

Night Nurse Inc.

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