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vol. 4

Hello Everyone,

Thank you everyone for going above and beyond to care for patients around the country and around the clock! Each person plays an important role in ensuring quality, timely care and we are so thankful for each of you!


We always love welcoming new members to our team, and February is no exception. Please extend a warm welcome to the newest RN members of the Night Nurse family (in alphabetical order): Andrea Blythe, Jeremiah DeHond, Kasie Dennen, Jennifer Fix, Sue Scricco, Michelle Stiles and Ellen Vig!


Celebrating Black History Month. Computers and laptops are essential tools for us to perform our daily responsibilities, both in the office and at home.  Yet, how often do we stop and wonder who invented these useful amenities? 

A nearly endless number of African American pioneers have helped drive innovation and excellence in nursing. However, there are many other aspects of our professional and personal lives that have been created or improved by often unsung African American visionaries. So, as you read this newsletter on your PC, smartphone or tablet, feel free to thank computer scientist Philip Emeagwali.

By combining 65,000 microprocessors, Philip solved oil discovery challenges and invented the world's fastest computer processor, delivering some 3.1 billion calculations per second.  His innovations also played a key role in the concept behind the Internet. Today, his computer science innovations are used to forecast the weather and predict climate trends.

Coming from truly humble beginnings, Philip was born in in Nigeria in 1954. His early education was suspended due to the Nigerian Civil War in 1967 when the 13-year old was called to serve in the army. Despite his impoverished environment and lack of formal education, he began extensive self-study and excelled in math, as well as science. 

His exceptional mind helped him attain a scholarship to theUniversity of London, and he continued his studies at Oregon State University.  He then earned a master’s from George Washington University, along with a second master's from theUniversity of Maryland.  With vast technological knowledge and expansive education, this certified computer genius began applying his groundbreaking ideas to real-world problems. 

Without the accomplishments of Philip Emeagwali, Night Nurse, the medical profession and the world at large would be a lesser place. We thank him for his revolutionary achievements!


Flu Season: It’s Not Over Yet! The most recent CDC FluView report shows just a very mild reduction in Influenza-Like Illnesses (ILI). Clinical lab specimens testing positive for influenza saw just a slight drop, decreasing from 30.3% to 29.6% in the last week. Similarly, visits to healthcare providers decreased a bit from 6.7% last week to 6.1% in the most recent report.

Coronavirus Spreads. Coronavirus COVD-19 (Coronavirus Disease-19) continues to spread across the world including 53 cases in the U.S. as of this date. The CDC recommends that Americans prepare for coronavirus in U.S., with one CDC official commenting “It’s not so much a question of if this will happen anymore, but rather more a question of exactly when.” Night Nurse has been following coronavirus since its early stages and has taken a proactive posture to combat it. We worked with one of our practices and our medical directors to create the following protocol: Download the Night Nurse Coronavirus Protocol here


‍ RN Annette Luttrell leads an adventurous life that rivals even Lara Croft! Her journeys started young, when she moved around quite a bit. Though she lived in about a dozen states in her youth, she’s since “settled down” in Tennessee where she and her husband are raising their two children through a variety of fun and exciting adventures. Her 11-year-old son Parker and 9-year-old daughter Luci are both active in scouting, and Annette organizes all major activities for the large pack. This leads to awesomeness for a lot of kids and parents!

Check this out: Last year, Annette was able to shut down the Nashville Science Center for her pack, where everyone stayed all night in sleeping bags. They had the run of the museum, exploring all of its displays and activities in greater detail than anyone gets. It was like the Night at the Museum movies come to life!

Annette’s aim is simple, “so often, kids get caught up in electronics and don’t get to explore the world. I want to bring them on grand adventures they’ve never had before, including hands-on experiences in nature.” Deep into nature. For example, just last weekend Annette took her family on a spelunking trip at Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee. Not familiar with “spelunking”? Annette and her family traveled through caves, sometimes crawling through very tight passages where the bottom of the cave is on your belly and the top is just above your head. She and her family spend the night in the cave, sleeping among the majestic stalactites and stalagmites. Truly a grand adventure!

Throughout the year, Annette and her family love camping, canoeing and hiking. They’ve camped in the snow, ridden canoes through the Tennessee River and spent 5 nights in the woods sleeping on hammocks. Coyotes, snakes and spiders don’t phase these true adventures at all!

As you might expect, Annette doesn’t spend much time sitting around the house streaming Netflix. When not leading her family and scouting pack on exciting explorations, she enjoys sewing and has even made dresses for her daughter. She’s also active on Facebook and Instagram sharing pictures of her exciting trips.

Oh, and Annette is also a Night Nurse superstar. In addition to her role triaging patients, Annette is an amazing preceptor that has trained many of our nurses. Why Night Nurse? “I love Night Nurse because it gives me the flexibility I want to spend time with my family. I’m able to be at home all the time and be close to my husband and kids.”

What adventure awaits for the Luttrell family? Anything is possible!


‍ For Nurse Manager Michele Marani, being an RN is all about giving back, and it all started on the day she was born. Michele was a preemie and had to sleep sitting up. To make her more comfortable, nurses fashioned a custom chair (built from a can). At five years old, Michele knew that she wanted to provide the same care and make a difference in people’s lives.

After graduating from high school, Michele was accepted into the Boston College Nursing Program and began her formal journey in healthcare. To accelerate her career, Michele also took a job at a local hospital. However the young nursing student suffered a setback one day when one of her favorite patients passed away.

Through her compassion for the patient, Michele temporarily questioned whether or not nursing was the right path for her. She briefly pivoted to legal studies and worked as a paralegal for three years, then nursing called her back to her roots. She dove in headfirst, earning her nursing degree through an evening and weekend program while also working in an ER as a nursing assistant.

Something else also happened during this busy time while going to nursing school and working full-time: Michele had her first child! Just like mom, Michele’s daughter was born a preemie – at 26 weeks in this case. The child spent three months in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where nurses once again made a significant contribution to Michele’s life.

Today her daughter is a healthy 22 year-old studying computer forensics. Michele also has two more children, and 18 year-old son graduating from high school this spring and a younger daughter that’s a junior in high school.

After honing her skills helping others, Michele was called into action to care for her aging father. Michele made many trips from Massachusetts to Florida to provide care for her dad. After many long-distance commutes, Michele made the decision to move to Florida and be closer to her father full-time.

Night Nurse is the perfect fit for Michele’s needs. “My favorite thing about Night Nurse is the flexibility!” Before moving to Florida, Michele was able to continue her mission of helping patients while also caring for her dad. “I’d go from the airport to his house, run a speed test and then get online. It was a seamless transition from my home office in Massachusetts to my dad’s house. Night Nurse enables me and my colleagues to work anywhere that meets the HIPAA and technology requirements. I love it!”

Aside from Michele’s passion for nursing, she’s a die-hard Disney fan. The move to Florida brought her close to the Magic Kingdom and its sister parks that Michele visits as often as possible. That’s Michele and her daughter at Disney. Above. Her favorite is Pirates of the Caribbean. Stand back Captain Jack Sparrow!

Michele also loves to read, knocking out one book each week! She always reserves an hour before bed to dive into a story such as the Clive Cussler novel she’s reading right now about the winding adventures of explorer Dirk Pitt.

In her remaining free time, she cares for her dogs, a mother and-daughter Weimaraner pair named Skyler (mom) and Willow (child).

Many years have passed since Michele was inspired to become a nurse, but the desire to give back still burns inside. She even saved the custom can/seat that comforted her as an infant, which now serves as a chair for her childhood teddy bear.

Reach out to Michele to say hi and also to say Happy Birthday! Her special day was this week on February 26! Next week is also another milestone for Michele, her six-year anniversary with Night Nurse on March 5!


According to a story in Homeland Security Today magazine, healthcare data breaches increased 33% last year, impacting 27 million people. We each need to do our part to keep patient data safe and secure to prevent such breaches.

Fortunately, we have Night Nurse’s cybersecurity expert Dan Holladay to provide in-depth strategies to help safeguard confidential data. Here are five concepts from Dan that you can easily use to prevent your computer and the patient data from being breached:

  • 1. Create long passwords – HIPAA standards describe "over-compensated passwords" to be at least 14 characters. Dan recommends you use thirty-character passwords as even those cannot be broken by a super computer (technically speaking 2^64 bits of entropy.) This is what NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) recommends as well. So how the heck do you remember a 30 character passwords? See the next two items in this list!
  • 2. To create secure passwords, simply go to “ACOM Diceword Generator” at . Click the big grey button called "Generate Password"and it will generate a diceword-style password for you. Feel free to play with the options until it generates one you can remember, or just put in a Password Manager (see below). Otherwise, you can just make up your own complex password similar to "bigbrownstaplerandpinkbarnsaresugly." Say that a few times and you'll never forget it! Of course, you can make your own using words you know really well strung together into a 30-ish character password and you'll be safer than 99% of the population!
  • 3. Use a password manager to help you remember these complex passwords. Some good password managers include LastPass, 1Password, Bitwarden and Dashlane.
  • 4. Always use different passwords for all accounts. Never reuse-use passwords. Also change your user name whenever you can.
  • 5. Test all questionable emails. If you receive a suspicious email, don't click any links and do not download any attachments if there is one or more. Simply forward the email to Dan will examine it and let you know if the link is safe or if it is part of a cybersecurity attack.


Who wants to stand for 12 hours in an ER when you can work from home? Tell your RN or APRN friends about Night Nurse and you could earn cash incentives for referring new hires. We love welcoming new team members, so please introduce us!


How can we help you with your job, your schedule or something else? Reach out to us and see how we can support your needs.

We greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication you provide to help patients that the medical community entrusts to our care. This has been a challenging flu season, but together we’re making a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people, experiencing good patient outcomes!  

With Thanks to You,

Stu and Tami

Stuart Pologe, COO,

Tami Regan, RN, CHT-CNO,

Night Nurse Inc.

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