Team Newsletter

vol. 8

January 20, 2021

Hello Team,

We hope everyone is having a great new year so far! There are so many good reasons to look forward to 2021!

When the World Health Organization chose 2020 as the Year of the Nurse and Midwife, they had no idea how nurses would rise to the forefront through this pandemic. Our Night Nurse team exemplifies how RNs have made the difference for so many patients and families through these challenging times. You are truly heroes!

We thank everyone, from the talented nurses who provide outstanding patient care to the dispatchers that keep everything running smoothly. 

So, with 2020 behind us and a very bright future ahead, let’s dig into the latest batch of good news!

Warm Regards,

Tami and Stu


Welcome New Night Nurse Team Members!

We’re happy to announce many, many new nurses here at Night Nurse! Our recent growth has allowed us to add more RNs and support team members. Please welcome Sharon Cathey-Atkinson, John Beirne, Erin Bevivino, Sally Borges, Melisa Chang, Stephanie Crosby, Karen Dygert, Edna Jill English, Cynthia Espinoza, Stephany Falk, Debra Frederick, Taylor Grace, Laura Henniger, Bobbi Hohimer, Judy Jeanty, Amanda Jepsen, Shelly Kenyon, Kiera Champlin-Kuhn, Kat Laiter, Anne Leenhouts, Elizabeth Lemcke, Silvia Louis, Elizabeth McNamara, Maryanne Miles, Lori Patai, Lateesa Posey, Colleen Ryder, Rachael Skott, Misty Thomas, Valarie Williams, Renee Wills, and Pascha Young.

A special thanks to preceptors who have worked so hard to prepare these new RNs for success! Please tip your hat to clinical preceptors Sandria Alicea, Darcie Binette, Michelle Carstens, Jean Crawford, Cathy Jatkola, Tammylee LeBouef, and Allison Smith! And a big thank you to our technology preceptors, Dan Holladay and Todd DeBonis for helping everyone learn Night Nurse Client, Equinox, and more!

To support our wonderful RN staff, we’ve also added a new dispatcher as well. Please welcome Alyssa Gonzalez to Jill’s rock-steady call center team!

Please also welcome Stella Price, our new Finance and Human Relations Manager. Stella worked with Night Nurse in a part-time capacity for nearly three years, handling a wide variety of financial and compliance-related responsibilities. Now she’s here full time to assist with any questions related to payroll, finance, and HR. You can reach her at Please welcome Stella to our growing team!


We hope everyone has received the custom Night Nurse masks we created. Please let us know if your delivery is lost or delayed and we’ll ship you some ASAP. We hope this symbolic gift expresses our gratitude for your dedication to our shared mission to keep patients safe. Please wear your mask with pride, knowing your work truly makes a difference! Even though you may not hear callers thank you at the end of each encounter, we do thank you, for helping every caller.

Here’s our colleague, RN Terri Morse in her mask. She sent us a very kind note saying, “Thank you so much for the amazing masks!! I love them!!! And great color coordination with the visor!!”


On December 1st, Night Nurse began triaging for our first practice in Florida, which is a 10-physician family practice delivering us both adult and pediatric calls. Night Nurse already has many RNs in Florida, so it only makes sense for us to serve practices in the Sunshine State - which is also part of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC ). Stay tuned as we work to grow our footprint further into Florida in 2021!

COVID-19 Vaccines: Light at the End of the Tunnel

‍ Our Adult triage COVID-19 Vaccine Protocol is under review by our Medical Directors, and is expected to soon be released. We’re excited to see that some vaccines have already been created and administered, and that more types of vaccines are also under development. From a pharmaceutical perspective, we understand that vaccine development falls into four primary categories: mRNA vaccines, Vector vaccines, Protein Subunit vaccines, and Whole, Killed vaccines. Take a moment to learn a bit more about each type of below:

Source: CNN article found here


We’re all so busy helping patients and supporting practices that we don’t often get to know much else about our team members. Let’s learn a bit more about Tami Regan. We asked our Chief Nursing Officer and co-founder to tell us 5 Fast Facts many don’t know about her.

1. Tami is also a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT)

2. She has 40 years of Nursing experience. She began Night Nurse to honor the memory of her daughter, Julia, who passed away in 1996 from latent onset
Group B Strep meningitis, at age 34 days.

3. Had a close encounter with Paul McCartney (when he stopped his limo to say hello), and was kissed by Weird Al Yankovic (when mistaken for his ex-girlfriend).

4. Gave testimony in Boston, MA at the State House and in Washington, DC to support the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact.

5. Keeps Aspirin and Benadryl in her purse in case anyone has a heart attack or severe allergic reaction (and can still swallow).


We’ve profiled a number of early nursing pioneers in past newsletters, but it’s important to remember that there are also many modern-day RNs breaking new ground for our industry and for society. One such nurse is Diane Carlson Evans.

Her mother was a hospital nurse, which inspired Diane to follow in her footsteps. She reflects, “She was a Registered Nurse and I admired her so much. I wanted to be a nurse, too.”

As a nursing student in 1966, Diane learned that there was a shortage of nurses serving on the ground in Vietnam. She said, “I signed on the dotted line, and a year later I was there.”

She served as a staff nurse in the ICU, surgical, and burn wards and later as head nurse in a surgical unit. She remembers, “When you’re put into a unit with 66 beds and you have to start 66 IV’s, you get good the first day. We developed confidence.” She rose to the rank of Captain in the Army Nurse Corps during the Vietnam War.

She and many other female combat nurses bravely battled side-by-side with male soldiers in the Vietnam War, but none were recognized for their courageous work.  Diane then took it upon herself to advocate for these silent heroes.

In 1984, she envisioned a memorial to honor the women who served during the Vietnam War and devoted nearly a decade of her life to lobbying before Congress. She aimed to have legislators honor the  more than 265,000 women that served during the war. She famously stated, “Women are also soldiers. Women also need to heal. Their service is worthy of honor and recognition.”

Diane’s passion and persistence came to fruition on November 11, 1993, with the dedication of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in Washington, D.C. The memorial identifies the women who served and educates visitors about their brave contributions.

Today, at age 74, RN Diane Carlson Evans speaks at universities and schools around the country, and is an honored keynote at civic and humanitarian organizations. Through her career, she served in the Army for six years, has testified before every congressional and federal agency hearing in Washington, D.C., and continues her efforts to gain equal recognition for women and for nurses in our nation’s history.

Every RN should watch this incredibly moving video to see Diane share her nursing experiences in her very own words. Before you click the link, know that some of her stories may bring you tears.

Want to learn more? Pick up Diane’s book, titled “Healing Wounds: A Vietnam War Combat Nurse’s 10-Year Fight to Win Women a Place of Honor in Washington, D.C.” You can find Diane’s book on here. The Vietnam Women’s Memorial in Washington, D.C. is situated in a prestigious location on the National Mall at the Reflecting Pool, just north of the Lincoln Memorial.

Thank you, Diane Carlson Evans, for being an inspiration to us all!


To know Karen Strattner is to love her. More than just a dependable and loyal Dispatch Supervisor, Karen has led an incredible life!

It's a bit ironic to write a newsletter story about Karen since she started her career creating newsletters. It all began in Northern New Jersey, where Karen grew up. Her first job was with the Morristown Sheriff's Department where she was tasked with going into the county jail to update inmate files. She created a newsletter named "The Cellmate" for inmates to submit poems and drawings, to have a voice and a creative outlet during their incarceration. Karen’s work was lauded by her colleagues and even drew the recognition of New Jersey Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen.

With publishing experience under her belt, Karen became a typesetter for Creative Computing Magazine. On the side, she was also an in-demand freelance designer, creating logos, business cards, and marketing materials for local print shops. This led to a role as Art Director in the marketing department for Gordon Publications, a publisher of 15-plus technology magazines. For five years, Karen created all marketing materials and also served as Art Director for their Laser and Optronics Magazine.

Karen didn’t stumble on her sharp design ideas by accident. While she was able to apply her skills in the corporate publishing world, Karen is an accomplished artist. She quietly won art shows in high school and beyond, and also became involved with the Somerset (NJ) Art Association. At that time, a distinguished member of the organization recognized Karen’s fine artistic skills and asked her to apply for a highly competitive adjured art competition. Karen’s work was one of the few pieces accepted amongst thousands of entries, as judged by curators of the prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan.

Throughout her publishing career, Karen exhibited in art shows and regularly sold paintings. She also did some freelance work, creating illustrations for Silver Burdette children's textbooks, possibly the very books your kids used in school.

Karen’s painting style can be described as “detailed realist.” She often paints nature and animals with incredible photo-realistic detail. She likes to work with acrylic and watercolor.

Check out this amazing painting of a cougar. Karen created this over a period of months, using a brush to artfully distribute a nearly infinite number of dots as well as each individual hairs. The 15” by 20” piece was created in watercolor and ink.

Karen continues to paint today, but not for profit. She just continues to paint for the love of the art. “I like to create art on my own terms now. I get to paint what I want, and when I want. I don’t have any pressure to deliver a magazine layout or an illustration on a deadline. I have zero restrictions on what I create.”

After her career as Art Director with Gordon Publications, Karen moved from New Jersey to Massachusetts. Her husband, at the time, received a great job offer. So Karen, while eight months pregnant, relocated. She was a stay-at-home mom for the first five years, then picked up some freelance design work and started waitressing at night. Frustrated with the late-night hours, Karen became a personal care assistant (PCA) helping persons with disabilities.

Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Although she needed a double mastectomy, she was able to BEAT CANCER!! She reflects on her time battling the disease, “Early detection is so important. I strongly encourage yearly mammograms!"

Karen is a true survivor in every sense of the word! Beating cancer has helped her appreciate every moment of life even more. She has since served as a supporter for newly diagnosed patients, helping them in their most difficult times.

In her eight-plus years with Night Nurse, Karen has seen the company grow with more nurses, more dispatchers, and more practices. And Karen's role has expanded as well. She handles a wide array of roles in our Framingham headquarters.

Karen noted, “I love working at Night Nurse because the people are so interesting. They come from every area of life. Everybody has their own unique story and I find it fascinating how we all found our way here to Night Nurse.” She added, “Each person brings unique skills to the table and we all work together to help out. It’s a great place to work!”

Other than being a truly talented artist, a cancer survivor and an indispensable co-worker, Karen loves spending time with friends and with her daughter, a talented yoga instructor. Also, Karen just got engaged! Congratulations Karen!!

We’re so lucky to have Karen Strattner on our team. Next time you reach out to the call center, make sure you say hello!


We received comments about the spoken alerts in Night Nurse Client. Some say the volume of these alerts is startling and interfering with your triage conversations.

This is easily fixable! The volume level can be lowered. We sent out a PDF with detailed instructions on how to easily make this adjustment on your own and set the alert volume level to a more comfortable setting.   You can also click to download the PDF.

We hope this improves your triage experience!


Patient: I’m sorry to have to ask so many questions.

Nurse: No problem, you can always call and ask for clarification when you need it.

Patient: Thank you very much Clara Fication! You’ve been very helpful!

I asked a patient complaining of dizziness if she had ever been diagnosed with “vertigo.” The daughter chimed in and said, “No, no, she’s a Libra…”

Patient: I have good news … and bad. The ear drops for my earache worked.
Nurse: What’s the bad news?
Patient: It tasted awful.


Would you like to contribute a news item or an article for the next newsletter? We’re always open to receiving brief informational submissions that would be of interest to our team. Please send us an email if you’d like to propose an article. We can provide guidance on topics, tone, length, and deadlines.


How can we help you? Do you have ideas on how we can better triage patients, dispatch calls, or make your job easier? Let us know! We’re always here to chat and to listen. We’d love to hear your perspective, feedback, and suggestions, and we welcome your calls.

Stay safe, and please remember, you are very appreciated.


Tami and Stu

Stuart Pologe, COO,

Tami Regan, RN, CHT-CNO,

Night Nurse Inc.

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