Since 1999, Night Nurse has “specialized” in delivering reliable and affordable triage services for the pediatric medical community. Night Nurse presently serves physicians, practices, clinics, hospitals and healthcare facilities nearly everywhere in the USA.

Night Nurse exclusively provides "specialized" triage services. Pediatric and Adult Triage Services are separately staffed with RNs averaging 18 years clinical experience. Physicians can rest assured their patients are in the capable and caring hands of Night Nurse professionals.

Night All patient encounter reports are delivered to you within minutes of the completion of the triage call or instantly via the use of our physician portal. 

Real time access to Triage Encounters, available from home or office. To learn more about Night Nurse Advanced Systems, click here.

Excellence of triage and on-going investment in systems, provide our capacity to consistently meet the expectations of our now over 4,000 subscribers.

Night Nurse qualitative services are also affordable.

For information regarding cost of services, click here.

Communication with Night Nurse is immediate and available 24/7/365. Practice Managers and physicians can quickly resolve issues; receiving professional, documented response to their concerns from our management team, typically within 24 hours.

Average response times for emergency calls are under 5 minutes; less than 10 minutes for urgent calls; within 30 minutes for all other calls (economics of staff coverage are and have always been secondary to patient safety concerns).

Subscribers can select hours of coverage that meet particular needs. Extensive regular hours of coverage are available from 5 pm to 8 am daily, 24 hours weekends and major holidays. 24/7/365 coverage provided by special arrangement.

Cost effective operation and efficient system capacity allows Night Nurse to offer affordable pediatric triage services.

Emergency back-up equipment at our Massachusetts call center assures delivery of triage services during blackouts and severe weather conditions. Night Nurse has provided uninterrupted triage services since 1999.

Night Nurse is well-insured in addition to individual RN professional liability policies. But, the best protection we offer physicians and patients is adherence to Dr. Barton Schmitt protocols, continually updated by our Medical Directors.

For Further information contact:

Stuart Pologe, CEO

Nursing Triage Services

Night Nurse Inc.

508-650-0022 (office) Or email: info@nightnursetriage.com

Quick Quote rapid response inquiries are answered within 24 hrs.


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