Approach to Triage

Other triage services use one team of nurses to cover all age groups.

At Night Nurse, we have two separate nursing teams, focusing on the specialty that matches their experience and training. Nurses do not treat an infant and then switch protocols to triage a geriatric patient on the next call. 

From the physicians’ perspective, whether your practice is Pediatric, Internal Medicine, or Family Practice, there’s added assurance that patients are triaged by nurses with the specialized capabilities.

Our Triage Encounter Reports are also tailored to provide specific information that is relevant to your physicians needs.

Why Choose

Fast Call Response Times   Emergent calls within 5 minutes. Urgent calls within 10 minutes. Priority consistently given to patients in greatest need.

Reliability Uninterrupted delivery of triage services since 1999.

Confidence  5 Medical Directors overseeing use of protocols for Pediatric, Family and Internal Medicine triage operations.

Encounter Reports  information-rich, easy to read and delivered within minutes of the completion of triage encounters.

Physician Portal  24/7 real-time access to patient triage encounters from office or home. Monitor, review, even confer with nurses during triage calls.

Coverage  Available around the clock 24/7/365.

Affordable Per Call Pricing  Only pay for the service you use. No monthly minimum charges.

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