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We can help manage your evolving care model by filling your telemedicine schedule,
triaging after-hours calls and providing case management support

Telemedicine Support

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, care models are changing. Practices are evolving from waiting rooms filled with patients to telemedicine appointments. Patients only come to the office for specific care needs. Telemedicine is an ideal way to see patients while maintaining social distancing, but the problem is that most physicians are new to the telemedicine experience. Many providers are often only able to take half (or less) of the appointments per hour, due to patient setup and connection issues. So, keeping that calendar of appointments full is more important than ever.

Night Nurse can help to keep your telemedicine schedule filled. Instead of calling patients in the morning after reading the overnight call reports, our nurses can book the appointments during the course of an after-hours triage call. This saves time and effort for your morning staff and helps keep your new care model more efficient and increase revenue by reducing unfilled appointment slots.

Case Management Support

Hospitals need to make the best use of nursing resources, taking care of the growing number of patients in your institution. Night Nurse can provide follow up services for COVID-19 patients or for any other chronically ill patient population. Effective case management services will reduce your ER re-admissions and lower your Total Medical Expense (TME).

Utilizing your specific guidelines, our RNs can make the calls, thoughtfully collect information from your patients, document their status and determine the dispositions. We provide detailed reports and sustain the continuum of care in a timely manner while your nurses attend to in-house patients.

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